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In Flickr,do you click on Older/Newer buttons or simply on Small thumbnails

January 31, 2011

Flickr,obviously every one knows about it,if you don’t-its an online photo management and sharing website by yahoo.

So if you use flick,you might be addicted to habit of viewing photos,might be videos and surely the amazing slideshows.

You simply can view all the public photos uploaded by flickr users,millions of photographers are there who regularly upload amazing and pleasure giving photos.Simply search any one and you will find most of them.

But i would be very interested to know that when you see/view pictures in a photostream,where do you click to see the previous or next photo?

Do you click on Newer/Older button

OR do you click on small thumbnail previews at the right side of the photo stream page..???

Your sayings,comments are extremely welcomed.

But,from my point of view i want to say some thing about this,i mean i want to share about on which thing you should click while viewing photos in photo stream.

I says that you should click on Newer/Older buttons,because (in case you are going from newer to older side)when you look at or go to these buttons,you know nothing about the next photo and this creates a bit of surprise thinking.The next photo is a surprise,it may be more pleasing or may be not so touching.

But clicking on thumbnails gives you an advance option of previewing photo in small thumbnails,from where you estimates how much the photo is interesting for you and you just  click on the photos which you estimates might be good,its right but some times small thumbnails looks non-attractive and the large preview of that photo bears some thing different.You are viewing photo stream to enjoy,so enjoy every photo.

But if you are searching for a photo or having a large number of photos in set or gallery then just select photos from thumbnails and view them.

Good bye have a nice time stay in touch with the blog for more talks like this.

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