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Pathankot to Jalandhar road is getting 6 lane.

May 4, 2010

Pathankot to jalandhar road, which is so widely used that, due to its wide use it got pits on its surface, it got the worst condition ever, tourist and long route travelers have to face too many problems, but because of it high traffic passing through Macdonald executives made Macdonald restaurant near Dasuya city distt-Hoshiarpur,

but my concern here is to let you know that this road is getting six lane from two lane platform, a private company have taken the responsibility of road making, that’s why the work is going on a very fast, an uncountable number of workers and engineers are working day and knight using multipurpose tools, machines, road rollers, trucks, cranes, etc.

As we all know that India is a developing country, at present thousands of construction works are going on, but main part of construction or development is the construction and maintenance of roads because roads are very important, no places are important without good roads.

So what is going on is good for all of us, good, long and wide roads result in to faster reach and hence work in time.

Keep on driving, touring because roads are building up, not only wider than ever, but also more good than ever.

Have a nice time.

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  1. K.S.Thakur permalink
    December 13, 2011 1:06 pm

    The work progress is very slow. Only at few places the contruction work is being done. The width of bridges are narrow as compare to the roads approaches to bridges. The quality of construction is also poor. From mirthal side near biasa bridge road has pressed. The fancing between roads is also damaged and projected toward road can cause a serious accident. The road level is lower as compare to the road sides and kachi roads approaching the main road between nangal and Mirthal. due to this at many places the dust and small stones (Bagree) comes to main road. This can also be a cause of a accident and shot life of the road. It has also been experinced many times that two wheelers and trucks runs on opposite side instead of their own running side. This is a very very dangerous. If the one side of the road is being constucted then at least the second service able road has at least patch works

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