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How my facebook profile looks to others?

April 29, 2010

Eduardo Saverin , Mark Zukerberg,Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes invented

for their private use in their university,but they were unknown from the fact that one day this website will be world’s second website with highest user’s traffic and world’s no-1 website for public communications.
Facebook is so much used that everyday thousand’s of people from around the world joins facebook for making profiles for private use,groups and fan pages for advertising and related purpose.
Sometimes after making your profile you think How your profile might be looking to other users those who are not in your friendlist or when someone searches for you in search engines etc,can they view your contact information?you worry about your profile privacy.
So after you are done with creating your profile,view your profile add images,edit your contact information etc,next step is you go to right column of your facebook page ,

after clicking on Privacy settings you will be with the page which will let you change your privacy settings like profile information and posts,search,contact information,block list etc,change them as you like,then click on the button,

and you will be able to see how your profile looks to others.
If you want to see how your profile looks like when some one searches for you in serach engines,go to privacy settings-search-change settings and click on

see preview as shown in the image above.

[Note-if your are not logged in simply search for your name in any search engine and you can view your profile in search results]

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  1. Nalyti permalink
    November 6, 2010 8:20 pm

    Awesome post – jeg har v�ret p� udkig efter dette for aldre og aldre, thanx for at lade mig l�se det.

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