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April 14, 2010

In the modern world of multimedia, is the third website in the world with high users is the free online source of videos where you can watch ,share and upload videos with each video upto the limit of 10 minutes per video length.Multimedia and filmaking companies and groups can upload videos of unlimited length. is best online video source with each and ever type of videos.Sometimes after watching videos people needs to download the video to put it into their mobile phones or other multimedia devices.
Simplest way to

download a youtube video is to make use of IDM[internet download manager].

First step is to download IDM ,next step is to surf in to,search your favourite video,click to play the video,then on top of the website integerated flash player you will notice a dialogue [Download this video]


simply click on that,then a download window will appear,click on start download button,remember not to clik on download later because when you download the video later idm will give you and error saying the requested url is not responding,then again you have to search for the video and this will make you crap.[Note-this  works only in Mozilla firefox]

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